Phaser 4 Tutorials – Complete Guide

Phaser 4 Tutorial

Phaser is a comprehensive 2D game engine built in JavaScript, which allows both hobbyists and professional developers to rapidly craft cross-platform HTML5 games for the browser. As technology and programming languages evolve, it’s common to see popular libraries improve and incorporate new best practices and also community feedback. Such is the case with Phaser and … Read more

How to Install Webpack

Web Class: Webpack

You can access the full course here: Discover Developer Tools for JavaScript Apps In this lesson, we’re going to start the process of converting our client-side code to Node Modules and modern JavaScript. We’ll start by creating a package.jsonĀ file which holds our Node Package Modules (NPM) configuration. This sets our project directory up to install … Read more

How to Install Node.js for Phaser Games

Web Class: Install Node.js for Phaser Games

You can access the full course here: Node.js and Express for Game Development Node.js is a cross-platform, Javascript runtime environment that executes Javascript code outside of a browser. To follow the videos, you will need Node.js installed on your machine. Go to on your browser. From here we will be able to download a … Read more

How to Create a Phaser MMORPG – Part 1

In this multi-part tutorial series, we will be creating a simple Phaser 3 MMORPG. This game will feature simple gameplay that will allow players to wander in a single area together, attack monsters, and chat. It will also include user authentication and use MongoDB for storing chat data. Therefore, it will be built using Nodejs, … Read more

Phaser Leaderboard with User Authentication using Node + Express + MongoDB – Part 5

In Part 4 of this tutorial series, we continued working on our Phaser leaderboard and we did the following: Updated our server to serve static files. Worked on the client side code by adding a login and signup page. Created a Phaser 3 leaderboard that displays the high scores from our database. Protected the game … Read more